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April 6, 2014

March Review

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March 2014 Open Reading Review

One’s world expands or retracts depending on the amount of courage one holds.
I was gladdened by the correspondence and turn out at the last Open Reading.
Thank you all, for the courage to come out and share your literary work.

Albert Sussler ( USA )
prose    ~ Anagnorisis ~
Creativity was not going to have a limited palette.
prose     ~ The Dragonfly~.
The rest of the class followed swinging their small fists and shouting together, freedom!
freedom! freedom!.

Brett Hack ( USA )
poem     ~ In Front of the Meat Market ~
A bucket is overturned / and thus is my seat / my concrete podium of silence.
poem    ~ As if I were a Singer ~
As if my loins produced thoughts / And my words gave birth to children.
Prose (translation) ~The Night Is Short, Walk Fast, Fair Maiden~ by Tomihiko Morimi
Our thumb becomes the cornerstone of hatred, smashing all those beautiful things we were meant to protect.

Isabelle Dunnett ( UK )
prose ~ Charcoal ~
It’s not as if they are non-sentient , trolls just have problems with independent thought.
prose      ~ Thailand Adventure ~
Still chirping .. enjoying the scene.
prose     ~ Untitled ~
Books are meant to be read..

Shoichi Miyamura ( Japan )
poem     ~ Kuma-san,  by Michio Mado ~
poem     ~ A Poem to Celebrate a Wedding,  by Hiroshi Yoshino ~
poem     ~ Quiet Married Couple,  by Tadashi Amano ~

Kyoko Okamoto  ( Japan ) debut
poem       ~ 5 Haiku ~
The elderly are active nowadays
They stir the water in the pool
quite satisfied and go home

Emanuele Ito ( Switzerland ) debut
poem       ~Survival, Peter Bichsel~
All my life I have to spend in jail, I’d have to spend outside as well.

Hidemi Ohba ( Japan ) debut
poem       ~ Toast Master’s Club ~
My first speech was a disaster.


A new record for the NW… three debut at once. Keeping the Nagoya Writes alive.

Coming up:
April 20th: Sunday
Open Reading: from 3:00 ~ 5:00P.M.
At the Kameshima Community Center.

Map to the venue: Click here.

Open Readings: It is said practice makes perfect.
Yet beware: Sometimes we get set into a routine and then keep repeating it over and over.
Never improving.  This is a danger of writers when they don’t get feedback. A good anti dope is
to doubt > to search > to find > to doubt.  The last doubt keeps you from that dilemma
of repeating mistakes. Hence the need for open readings.

Help to spread the word.


Albert Sussler


February Review

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February 2014 Open Reading Review

This year has been a slow start. Three and then two attendees for the last two Open Readings.
I was looking forward to a good turn out this time, with a half dozen notifications of people
planning to attend.  Yet it ended up being I and Brett. The time was well spent giving useful
suggestions for improving our writing.  Getting a different view point makes all the difference.
I wish more would take advantage of these Open Readings. It is a vicious circle, when few attend
then few want to attend.

I need to know, when you are planning to attend and when your plans change and can’t come.
Nagoya Writes is a community of creativity and needs your active support. I am happy to hear
from so many concerning March. At this point  seven have notified me they will be attending.
Pura Vida to Nagoya Writes.

Brett Hack ( USA )

prose    ~ Grocery Romance Acclamation ~
The sounds come out on their own, exuded like gas passing out of the mouth, a function without meaning.

Albert Sussler ( USA )

prose     ~ Road to Sendai~.
The mural sparkled in the light like the day I had taken it out of the kiln, for the power of ceramics does not fade with time.


Coming up:
March 23rd: Sunday
Open Reading: from 3:00 ~ 5:00 P.M.
At the Kameshima Community Center.

Map to the venue: Click here.


The Nagoya Writes appreciates all writers, both professional or amateur. We all gain when each of us gains.

Wish you all the best for your much needed holiday and inspiration for works for next year.

Help to spread the word.

Albert Sussler

February 8, 2014

January Review

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January 2014 Open Reading Review

The start was subdued with only three readers. Shoichi joined us as audience. The mood soon changed.
In the two hours we did several rounds of readings. Each person doing one piece then the next taking turn.
We covered much material and with many laughs. The time flew by.

Brett Hack ( USA )
prose   ~ Pachinko ~
Pachinko requires that the player hold a deathly stillness for the duration of
the game.
prose   ~ Grocery Romance Acclamation ~
Power money fame all that shit comes from a working dick.

Isabelle Dunnett ( UK )
shaggy dog story   ~ The Flounder ~
That couldn’t be the whole story.
prose   ~ Darwin’s Dragons 1 ~
If one could see the future, it would be incredibly easy not to be found.
prose   ~ Darwin’s Dragons  2~
Her Paranoia had grown so much that she barely knew how to step outside
without being engulfed by fear.

Albert Sussler ( USA )
joke   ~ Studying a second lesson ~
On the table was a feast of senbe and rice ball, more than the mice had
ever seen.
shaggy dog story   ~ The Throne ~
It was such a fine throne that the king could not refuse it though he already
had one.
prose   ~ Omikuji ~
When I got back to the house I compared it to the ones before and was
shocked when I found the Omikuji to be identical to the last year I had just


Coming up:
February 23rd: Sunday
Open Reading: from 1:00 ~ 3:00P.M.
At the Kameshima Community Center.

After the reading we confirmed the organizer and web site manager for this new year.
I and Shoichi will continue as before. We are still in need of a workshop organizer
and publicist. All your input is appreciated  to keep Open Readings alive.
Each person gives a special energy  and uniqueness  to our exchange. We welcome your
efforts and spice. Do join us at our next event.

Map to the venue: Click here.

Help to spread the word.


Albert Sussler

December 28, 2013

December Review

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December 2013 Open Reading Review

This year for the first time in the Nagoya Writes history we pulled off 12 Open Readings for the year.
We could not have done it without so many stepping up to the plate. Thank you all for making it happen.
For our last event we had Five Readers Readings and a party at the end.

Shoichi Miyamura ( Japan )
poem   ~ Tree ~  by Shuntaro Tanikawa
Until the day I fade I go nowhere.
poem   ~ Naked ~  by Shuntaro Tanikawa
I am afraid to touch myself.
poem ~ Once Upon a Time ~ by Shuntaro Tanikawa
I wondered about my belly button and always fell asleep playing with it.

Brett Hack ( USA )
prose   ~ Grocery Store Romance Acclamation ~
The way you test every step before you take it, the way your eyes bulge at everything they see because each thing might be an answer.

Lydia Irby ( USA ) debut
prose   ~ Walking with Mom ~
One day my adventures took me to a street beyond the furthest street she had ever crossed.
poem ~ Sounds of Nagoya ~
… the click of a cane from a woman wearing gold shoes.

Ernie Schaal ( USA )
prose   ~ Funeral – The arrival of Beth ~
He never sees a real Japanese ballet performance because he is afraid it won’t live up to his expectations.

Albert Sussler ( USA )
Joke   ~ Big and Small Decisions ~
If deciding where you live is a small decision, what is a big decision?
Prose   ~ The Reporter. ~
I asked some villagers to protect the car so that it wouldn’t be eaten by the lion and headed back to Nairobi to get new tire tubes.
Essay   ~ Myths we are Taught~
Columbus called the natives ‘In Dios’ because they were naked like god.


Coming up:
January 26th: Sunday
Open Reading: from 3:00 ~ 5:00P.M.
At the Kameshima Community Center.

We will be picking positions for our new year, so if you want to be the
hand for organizing the NW, editing the web site, organizing work shops and organizing publicity,
let us know, as we decide after the January Reading.
This all takes team work. That is what keeps the Nagoya Writes alive and kicking.

Map to the venue: Click here.

Wish you all the best for your much needed holiday and inspiration for works for next year.

Help to spread the word.

Albert Sussler

December 13, 2013

November Review

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November 2013

Everyone I heard from had the same opinion. It was such a good reading.
A good mix of old faithfuls who bring to our group consistency. Members who have been a away for quite sometime and refresh us
with their efforts they have been working on in their closets. And new members who pull us in a unexpected direction with
new waves of ideas. This last Open Reading had all this and more.

Eight Readers Readings.

Albert Sussler ( USA )
Essay    ~ Breathing ~
Master breathing and your world expands.
Essay     ~ Things you may not know about me.
I have found teaching English as a tool for making art or sharing ideas motivates children to study far more than text books.
Prose    ~ Kamakura Beach~
The kicker ran up to the woman and threw himself down in front of her with his face in the sand and pleaded,’ I’m sorry, I’m sorry ‘ over and over.

Shoichi Miyamura ( Japan )
poem       ~ In the Bush ~
Three dogs were chasing one another’s tail, as if to say this were the core truth of the dog society.
poem      ~ The Adams Apple
That bone was the last one I picked up from my father’s remains at the crematory.
poem     ~ Ptolemaic Theory ~
Nevertheless, it is moving and in the same manner as I am aging.

Luci Willis ( UK )
prose       ~ Rodio ~
They whipped the crowd into a frenzy, but there was no frenzy.

Isabelle Dunnett ( UK ) debut
prose      ~ Cigarettes ~
For a moment I can close my eyes and pretend it smells like you but it doesn’t, not really.
prose     ~ All the Kings Men ~
Whispering knights, traitors to the king.
prose     ~ Darwin’s Dragons ~
Magic could not see why the fire did not burn just for him.

Iain Moloney ( Scotland )
prose     ~The Wasting Embers ~

David Tooley ( USA )
poem       ~ Piercing the Night ~
Here is an ever moving target and never quality for a place.
poem     ~ Poem at the End of the World ~
They said that the radiation will fill oceans.

Linda Donan ( USA )
prose    ~Maria’s Uncle Jesus finds me ~
I had trouble to explain the bear was a telephone.

Ernie Schaal ( USA )
prose   ~ Funeral ~
I awoke early on the day that Beth would arrive, as if that would make her come earlier.


Coming up:
December 15th: Sunday
Open Reading: from 3:00 ~ 5:00P.M.
At the Kameshima Community Center.

Map to the venue: Click here.

Thanks everyone for making the event such a special reading.

Help to spread the word.
Albert Sussler

November 10, 2013

October Review

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October 2013

Our debut at our new location, the Kameshima Community Center, got to a wonderful start.

We had a new member, Luci, and two; Joan and Roy, who have not been with the NW for many years,
join us. The readings were powerful portraits reflecting on deeply feltexperiences from our pasts.

The staff at our new venue have been kind to us and the room offered is a good size, quiet,
well lit and climate controlled. It is a relief to have found such a good home for our future Open

2013 October Open Reading at Kameshima Community Center

2013 October Open Reading at Kameshima Community Center


Luci Willis ( UK ) debut
prose   ~ Hollow Woman ~
I try to let the waves of her negative pass over and into the sea.

Joan Anglin ( USA )
prose  ~ Foreign Coins ~
The pleasures I have at hand are those that lie in foreign lands.
prose ~Vegas Venus ~
Love is like a slot machine…
prose ~ Spent in Distance ~
My closeness grows in your departure. Or is it in mine?

Shoichi Miyamura ( Japan )
poems by Tozaburo Ono
~ The Ostrich ~
so the ostrich dashed out into the cit — leave him be
~ Memory of a landscape with little birds ~
it’s no good …. no more
~ Flocks of Sparrows ~
The earth reflected upside-down
~ Enormous Fish ~
How surprising — that the small fish had swallowed smaller ones

Albert Sussler ( USA )
poems    ~ Droodles ~
Safe danger, getting out of one’s comfort zone: Sharks on a
guided tour.

Ernie Schaal ( USA )
prose   ~ Funeral ~
Of course I am being morbid, I’m at a funeral.

Roy Hernandez ( USA )
prose   ~ Library of Alexandria ~
Land mass sometimes slowly sometimes fast disappears into the sea.

Coming up:
November 24th: Sunday
Open Reading: from 3:00 ~ 5:00P.M.
At the Kameshima Community Center.

The Nagoya Writes new location is at the
Kameshima Community Center.

Click HERE to see where it is.

To cover the cost for the venue there is a 500 yen cover charge.
Thank you all for your efforts.

Help to spread the word.
Albert Sussler

Living is like tearing through a museum. Not until later do you really start absorbing
what you saw… remembering – because you can’t take it in all at once.
~ Audrey Hepburn

October 6, 2013

September Review

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September 2013

Two days before we were notified that Mondo’s would not be open.
A handful of us met in The Concrete Cafe near by.  A big  enough place
with some background chat for our Open Readings.


Ernie Schaal ( USA )
prose   ~ Funeral ~
Temples don’t have torii except when they do.

David Tooley ( USA )
poem       ~ Oblivion ~
I walked on top of you like you were nothing.
poem     ~ Silent Frontier ~
Tedium until cold chill winter.
poem      ~ Pine Forest ~
Needles bleed sap?

Brett Hack ( USA )
prose   ~Allie’s Eyes ~
They stay in the kiss for a dozen seconds, her lips pushing hard,
her warm tongue slid snugly over his. Then she breaks away, her
face looks angry or desperate.

Albert Sussler ( USA )
essay    ~ Narcissistic Personality Disorder ~
I felt like walking on eggs, and I didn’t want to trigger a confrontation
dealing with a prickly narcissist,
proverb      ~ Mika bosu
After three days one quits on finding the life of a monk is far more
severe then had been thought.


Coming up:
October 27th:
Open Reading: from 3:00 ~ 5:00P.M.
At the Kameshima Community Center.

The Nagoya Writes will be changing location to the
Kameshima Community Center this October and if
the next Open Reading works out this will be our new location.

Click here to see the map in a new window.


To cover the cost for the venue we decided at the end of the Open Reading on 400 yen / person.

Help to spread the word.
Albert Sussler

quote: Change your opinions, keep to your principles; change your leaves, keep intact your roots.~
Victor Hugo

September 1, 2013

August Review

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August 2013

It has been a hot humid summer. Not the best for getting people out.
So we gave two rounds to each reader.  Thanks all for our literary exchange.


Shoichi Miyamura ( Japan )

poem     ~ A hole in the wall ~
The house shook when someone walked up the stairs.

poems from “Chieko and other Poems of Kotaro Takamura”
~ Two at night ~
Preferring death by fire to starvation.
~ Child’s Talk ~
A familiar clear sky that I can’t separate from.
~ Life in perceptive ~
Your clothes turn to rags.
~ Invaluable Chieko ~
See what one cannot see, hear what one cannot hear.

Albert Sussler ( USA )

prose    ~ Neputa Matsuri ~
The old man answered,  I am never going back I am going to cycle forever.
joke        ~ The sick squid ~
Grab on, the whale said, if you want to go to the warmth of the Gulf.

Tom Bauerle ( USA )

prose      ~ Interview with the ghost lady ~
Do you like rundown girl?
poem     ~ The taste of a Tiger ~
Let me be meat, not a cadaver.
Poem     ~ Airless Wonder~
He giggled, overheated and passed out.

Rachel Deitch (USA)

prose    ~On Teaching ~
The quiet thump of the Pooh shaped stamp as it lands on yesterday’s homework.


Coming up:
Open Reading: September 22,  3:30 P.M.

At Mondo Books in Kamimaizu
Site: a used bookstore and lounge, on the second story
building next to the Bank of Nagoya just two blocks east from Kamimaizu
station gate 3,

Thanks Jose of Mondo for your support.

Mondo hasbeen a good place for the Nagoya Writes these last two years but sadly it is
time we found a new site.  I am looking for a quiet, central location in Nagoya
for our new venue. Your suggestions and connections for our new location will
be greatly appreciated.


Help to spread the word.
Albert Sussler

quote: “Life is a journey, not a destination” ~ R.W. Emerson

August 28, 2013

July Review

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July 2013

It was great to see such a healthy turnout at the last meeting! The readings ran well into the late afternoon,

with many different forms and styles represented. It was very inspiring to hear so many polished, high-quality pieces!

I hope to see you next month!



Paul Binford

Moses and the Dinosaur

“She learned to just ask, never mind the layers of sensitivity that people can wrap themselves in.”

Leah Ann Sullivan

Read a story about a person who recently passed away and a related English haiku.

Shoichi Miyamura

China Pot

“…nevertheless, it enjoyed it’s spacewalk…liberated from gravity…”


“…rather, it’s the reality I’ve been made to drink these days…”

Voice Recorder

“…before falling into crevices of unconsciousness…”

Round Backs

“…with no voices to break their quietness…”

Ernie Schaal

The Wake

“Whenever I talk with God, I tend to ramble.”

Sarah Mulvey

Read an interesting story about legs.

Rachel Deitch

Coker Field

“..which rocks will be ground into dust, which unlucky flower will crumple and then try desperately to stretch back into shape.”

Brian Cullen

Embarrassing Mistakes at Japanese Hot Springs by Greg Goodmacher

“My worst mistake, though, only happened once, and I pray that it never happens again. The following is my foolish tale of woe,

told in the hope that it can spare some other silly man the same shame.”

Please visit here for the whole story.


Coming up:
Sunday, August 18th
Open Reading: 3:30 P.M.

At Mondo Books in Kamimaezu
Site: a used bookstore and lounge, on the second story
building next to the Bank of Nagoya just two blocks east from Kamimaezu
station gate 3
Thanks to the staff of Mondo for your support.

June 23, 2013

June Review

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June 2013

In the middle of the rainy season that never really seems to get
organized, our small group gathered at Mondo’s for a sharing of
our literary trials .


Albert Sussler ( USA )
essay ~ Behavioral Interpreters: thought ~
Without curiosity, the mind would become stagnated in a state
called neophobia
prose ~ Sea Turtle Project ~
His eyes lit up in anticipation when I told him that when you finish,
it is fun to peel the dried glue from your fingers.
joke ~ The lump in the Carpet ~
Rather than start again he would us his hammer.

Shoichi Miyamura ( Japan )
poem ~ On the Stones, by Tatsuji Miyoshi~
To let the shadow of myself walk alone on the stones of the precinct.
poem ~ To my First Born ~
Like vultures they arrived zipping their black brief cases open and
shut, life insurance giving a share of death.

David Tooley ( USA )
poem ~ The Wind and the Sun ~
The brutal sunlight of unlimited possibilities.
poem ~ The Sun and the City ~
Sun bleached faded as fault.
poem ~ Okrazushi ~
Departures from the fish tradition

Rachel Deitch (USA)
poem ~ Litany by Billy Collins ~
It might interest you to know, speaking of the plentiful imagery of the
world that I am the sound of rain on the roof.
Poem ~ Forgetfulness by Billy Collin ~
as if, one by one, the memories you used to harbor
decided to retire to the southern hemisphere of the brain,
to a little fishing village where there are no phones.

The Nagoya Writes has defied reality and somehow survived
for over 20 some years. Somehow 6 years has passed since
the day when I said I’d fill in as organizer. It amazes me how
many notes of ‘no show’ I get and we are still able to pull it off
and have an Open Reading. Thanks to the turn outs, we are still

Coming up:
July 21st:
Open Reading: 3:30 P.M. to be organized by Rachel Deitch

At Mondo Books in Kamimaizu
Site: a used bookstore and lounge, on the second story
building next to the Bank of Nagoya just two blocks east from Kamimaizu
station gate 3,

Thanks to the staff of Mondo for your support.

Help to spread the word.
Albert Sussler

“The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds;
and the pessimist fears this is true.” James Cabell

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