Nagoya Writes

2008 Issue

Nagoya Writes! Pattern Issue

(PDF of issue)

Message from the Editor


Alphaed and Bonoboed


In The Night, She Comes To Me

My Father-in-law and Funerals


Hokusai’s Peaks


Haiku Photos

Things I Usually Do

Aren’t Cherry trees

The 100 Yen Cup

Nagoya Writes
Prose Editor: Ernest Schaal
Poetry Editor: Ernest Schaal
Design and Layout: Ernest Schaal
Art on contents page – Joe Sichi

The Nagoya Writes! Group hosts Open Readings, Writing Workshops and other events.


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  1. Hello writers,
    I didn’t want to hijack the comments on your latest post but apologies for this comment not being strictly relevant! I was led here by your notice in the NIC Bulletin Board but cannot, for the life of me, find contact details on the site or in this issue (which I very much enjoyed reading). I am new to Nagoya, the idle wife of a company transferee, and a writer by compulsion if not yet profession and I would like to learn more of your group.

    I was interested to read of your recent spoken-word workshop as I spent many years producing, directing and recording audio books before I gave up that work to focus upon my own writing instead. I developed a belief that I could tell which authors’ process included reading their work out loud, or at least that I could pick the ones whose didn’t, by listening to the cold reads of my actors. I was able to check on my theory with several authors (when I could find a tactful context in which to ask the question) and was only wrong once!

    Anyway, my email address will be visible by the admin – any information you care to send my way would be very welcome.

    Kind regards,
    Danielle Ruschena

    Comment by Danielle Ruschena — August 19, 2008 @ 3:56 am | Reply

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