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December 4, 2007

Golden Week by Reed Gage

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Governmental leaders a while back wanting to have some fun
Decided to take 4 Japanese holidays and squeeze them into one

First there was the Emperor’s birthday simple as it seems
They changed it to Midori no Hi because this emperor liked green

Then there is Constitution Day for Article number nine
Though no longer recognized and ignored most of the time

Next is Kodomo no Hi for boys to grow up healthy and strong
Physicalized by streaming fish-like kites colorful and long

Finally there is a special holiday created for convenience it seems
After Constitution Day and before Kids Day — called the “holiday in-between”

If we add Saturday and Sunday to this 4 day sum
We have almost (but not quite) a week for pleasure and fun

Not that I want to sit in criticism or try and make a nasty rhyme
But I can think of better than an entire nation being off at the same time.

127 million plus people moving across a landmass smaller than California
A hectic and competitive scramble for 5 days of euphoria

JR Meitetsu Kintetsu what have you— the subway lines are busting,
College — Jr. College, Hi school — Jr High school — Elementary school kids bustling

Salary Men — salary Women, retired folks — (housewives a given)
Workaholics — workaphiles, company slaves all escaping for some livin’

The weather may be sunny – cloudy – rainy / hot – cold or in between
The roads, the stores, the hotels, the parks, the movie theatres — all very crowded scenes

If you want to survive this frenzy of humanity / insanity in a dance
Stay at home and read a book — or else book well in advance

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