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December 4, 2007

Poetry Connection (To Deborah) by Yuka Urushibata

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In New York,
I dreamed of meeting a real person
who would connect myself
to the depth of poetry.
You were a poet, college teacher, and scholar
who taught people how to be a poet.
“You need three things-
Firstly talent. Secondly working very hard
every day and thirdly-
(This was what I missed hearing,
so I asked you again after the class.)
-sense of business.”
You were the first person who said to me
at the private conference,
“You should start publishing your poems.”
I repeated, “But I am a foreigner.”
Then, your eyes, your sea,
suddenly tilted forward toward me
and then spilt your words-
“It doesn’t matter”
That sounded unexpectedly bulky-
I have never seen such big serene
light-blue sea in human eyes,
storing-silenced, otherwise,
marginalized voices.
I was sorry since I was testing
if your sea was really turbulent enough
as a matter for a foreigner.

Back in Japan,
I confirmed the weight of your words
-“Keep in touch”
as if a human could feel the volume
of the sea itself-
YOUR SEA of poetry connection
is spreading and trying to connect further-
You still put me in the mailing list-
From Butterfly Princess
Readings Spring 2006 kicks off

February 27th!!
Every week your words have reached
me in Japan,
me squarely a Japanese,
me who speaks only Japanese
24 hours a day now,
me who hides real emotions
and feigns a sociable Japanese woman,
me who decays in this second language-
(How schizophrenic to live
in the English speaking memory
in such a monolingual country!)
Here is no more POETS HOUSE,
no more Emily Dickinson,
Jean Valentine, John Ashbery,
no more poetry lovers-


Can you see your poetry connection
boundlessly splash upon me in Japan
and make me write poetry_
like this?


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