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December 5, 2007

A Breath Of Air by Roy Hernandez

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As an azure whale in the umbrage of the Antarctic,
Leaps towards Heaven,
In the mystic waters of Earth,
Through its brittle essence in Life,
To touch the sky,
And capture a breath of air,
It woes in silence,
Beneath the sea,
Awaiting lofty for another chance
Once again…
For a breath of air.

Within the embryo of its ownself
The seconds of doom befall the whale,
And it rises and breaks the sea of green,
Into open turmoil
To capture a breath of air,
And men…mere men in exuberance,
Await to harpoon the Blue Whale,
But lo !
The whale retreats below the sea once again,
Without a breath of air.

In its time,
The creatures eyes softly gloom,
While its heart weakens rapidly
And its soul cries,
Below the sea,
It softly dies
Without a breath of air.

Poem by Roy Hernandez 1969…Age 14 years old

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