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December 5, 2007

Honey Hue by Tom Bauerle

Filed under: Bauerle,Issue: May 2006,Poetry — usbengoshi @ 5:57 pm

This golden stroke of moonlight
does me no good.
It’s the same rich honeyed hue
as the blouse I haggled for
in the marketplace at Johdpur
with the gaggle-toothed woman
whose runneled hands
had embroidered
each exquisite peacock feather,
fawn and flower.

When you wore it,
the slightest shifting of
your limbs and breasts
sent shock waves
shivering the topography
of that lush golden jungle;
startling long legged gazelles
while earthquaked tigers strode
beneath the newborn constellations
created by the swing
of conch shell
shooting star earrings
hung in the twilight horizons
of your sunless hair.

But now this benighted town
greets each morning aurora
with concrete indifference,
sleeps in shadows,
and shuffles with feet
firmly planted
on passive asphalt
never noticing that
every noon is evening
and every dawn
a solitary eclipse
of sun and moon
and stars
and you.

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