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January 6, 2008

22°F by Yuka Urushibata

Filed under: Issue: Dec 2006,Poetry,Urushibata — usbengoshi @ 6:37 am

On Thanksgiving Holiday
in New York—
Looking out
from my small window
on the eleventh floor
I could only see a man’s feet walking
below the curtain
It’s no surprise that
people have shut their windows
on 14th Street—
on a cold day like this

On other days,
through the opened windows,
I have seen a man
watching TV at night,
a woman coming out
of a room,
another woman shutting
her window,
and another man looking
out towards me
But all that took place
on a warmer day than this

Today I watched—
the red-and-green-lit Empire State,
and there, underneath it,
so many windows were still lit
in the Midtown,
some people (I wondered why)
were working
on a day like this.

I listened to
talk of Walt Whitman on the radio
his shame to live became his poetry—
And then the news on NPR
President Bush thanking the troops
For service in Iraq
on Thanksgiving
—people dead and wounded—
on a day like this

And as I listened on through the day
being told I was such a fan
for listening
on a day like this
The weather forecast says
the temperature will be
22 degrees fahrenheit tonight.
and I recognized—
the space beyond privacy
a street-width away,
Into that space,
my eyes wander
the privacy gave itself up
as I strived to transcribe
the City’s hovering serenity
On a night like this


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