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January 6, 2008

Heat – What is it? by Reed Gage

Filed under: Gage,Issue: Dec 2006,Poetry — usbengoshi @ 8:06 am

Atoms, energies radiating
Multitudes of molecules vibrating
Elements energies translating

Is that what heat is?

Or simply heat as in hot
Like boiling water in a pot
Or pain to a body spot

Is that what heat is?

Or maybe heat as in a high temperature
In a person – a high fever for sure
Illness produces heat, or is that the cure?

What about heat as in animals mating?
Cycles of receptivity for procreating
Reproductive biology is so fascinating

And sports –

A preliminary race in the meet
Sporting contestants compete in a heat
To decide who is the best athlete

The heat of a soccer game
Heat of the night, passions aflame
Heat of the battle, all meaning the same

Criminals, lawbreakers on the street
Complain of police action as heat
Stressful fear of justice they might meet

On the contrary

Police and City officials complain
Of media coverage an embarrassing pain
The heat of the press – another name

In conclusion

Heat is really just a symbol to communicate
Some intense experience we wish to relate
Whether it means hot or not – we can debate

But one thing for sure
Word usage is not pure
And heat is not always measured in temperature


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