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January 31, 2008

Writing Near a Small Fire by Joe Sichi

Filed under: Issue: 2000,Poetry,Sichi — usbengoshi @ 4:59 am

It is the subtlest of squelchings.
It is a day-long drizzle falling unabated
onto what once was a roaring fire.
Passively, the flames, the glow
and finally the embers will abate
and cease.

In among the raindrops escape
a scant few pockets of pure gas;
instantly flaming, writhing in hope,
bright blue flames dancing
about the seemingly innocuous
drops of water.

It takes a constant gathering
of branch and bramble,
faded leaf and thistle, log and dry root;
a continuous stoking and husbandry
of flame and burning ember,
and absolutely vital
a well chosen poker,
charred but slightly
where it leaves its mark,
smooth to grasp where it
is wielded.

It is the most dire of dampenings.
It is a well-intentioned rain,
benefactor to the trees
without out which there is no fire,
yet persistent, constant,
It takes a patient huddling
near the imperiled heat
and recognition that indeed
the air round the fire is but slightly drier
yet harboring hope of a clear day


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