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February 9, 2008

Trick or Treatise; Female is the default fetus by Reed Gage

Filed under: Gage,Issue: 2001,Poetry — usbengoshi @ 6:52 pm

In the Beginning God created Man
And woman was created from a spare rib
According to Biology though, it’s a different story
Unless at the critical stage, balls appear and begin wildly pumping out testosterone,
The fetus develops along female lines
In other words, the default mode is female,
And we know from the computer world, the default is more sensible, reliable,
(And safer than messing with all those settings!)
But, perhaps the analogy is misleading;
Maybe man is more like an addition to the basic program,
Kind of like … an upgrade, an improvement, such as Windows 98 was to Windows 95
Well, mine is not to reason why, mine is but to write.
Regarding cultural differences….
Girls are made to wear pink perhaps reflecting a subconscious acknowledgement
Of the color of woman’s internal sexual apparatus
Boys are made to wear blue
Approximating the color of their external reproductive apparatus, (at least the tip of it)
Regarding social differences;
When asked to do something, if a woman says she doesn’t know, it often means “yes”,
When a man is asked to do something and says he doesn’t know, it means “no”
Historically: Men are hunters; running openly after their prey with spears
Women are trappers, using sweet smelling bait and lots of camouflage …
In society, Men and Women are complimentary to each other generally….
Men like to look, and Women like to be looked at.
Men like to do, and Women like to have it done
Sometimes, however Men and Women are uncomplimentary to and for each other
For example: after a bout of mild sex, a woman may want to fall asleep peacefully,
A man, however, may want to try again, to improve the performance …
After a bout of extremely intense sex, the man will want to rest,
But the woman may definitely want to do it again
On occasion, a man is being tempted to ask; did you have orgasm YET?
The woman is tempted to ask; did you have orgasm ALREADY?
A man has a relationship so he can have sex
A woman has sex so she can have a relationshop!
And when things get rocky,
A woman may say…”But how can I have sex with you when you don’t even love me?”
And a man might say…” but how can I love you when we’re not even having sex?”


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