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February 10, 2008

The Quiet Space Inside by Reed Gage

Filed under: Gage,Issue: 2002,Poetry — usbengoshi @ 11:43 am

You know what I mean?
That quiet space that lives inside
While you run all around in search of it
But it waits for you inside, that quiet space

Don’t ask me about it, or what to call it
Its color, its size, or its weight
You’re missing it
Don’t try to name it or claim it
Others tried, (those others died)
giving names to that quiet space

Oh its “Jesus”, the “Comforter”
Its “Allah”, “Atman”, “Omega”, “Christ”, the Soul
You’re out of control!!
Its just that quiet space

Do you need to fast, prostrate and pray?
Memorize scripture, meditate
Because its there anyway, that quiet space

Now, is it yours and yours only?
For YOU the select few
Its in everyone! (the fool too)
It doesn’t separate, speculate or discriminate
It just IS
The quiet space


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  1. This poem is in the spirit of Kabir and it stresses the need for immediacy in an
    effective way. I like the sense of urgency in this poem, and the colloquial feeling
    in the dialog. There are perhap a few words that could be cut for word economy,
    but altogether, it rocks! . . . writing this kind of poetry is like walking a rozor’s
    edge because it is very easy to start “preachin'” and move from poetry into
    sermon. I think this poem is strongest in the way it raises questions . . .

    It end with certainity. Why not close the poem in the spirit of enigma
    by raising a question?

    Comment by Tim Newfields — January 11, 2009 @ 5:15 pm | Reply

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