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February 14, 2008

A Color in the Rainbow by Reed Gage

Filed under: Gage,Issue: 2003,Poetry — usbengoshi @ 9:48 am

You say you don’t like your life,
I say so what.
Does a board like being sandpapered?
Does a cardamom seed enjoy being shaved?
Does a horse fancy being bridled?
Does a candle take pleasure in being burned?
Does a flower look forward to being plucked?
Do avocados savor being chewed?
Why should you insist on relishing your life so?
When you are part of a larger process
Be content to be a piece of the puzzle,
A tile in the mosaic,
A note in the symphony,
A variable in the equation,
A thread in the cloth,
A color in the rainbow,
For you are a part of the whole.


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