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February 14, 2008

Kanayama Station by Reed Gage

Filed under: Gage,Issue: 2004,Poetry — usbengoshi @ 6:33 pm

Mr. Donuts offers steps for the tired butt of an early morning homeless man seeking refuge from the busy people.

Post Office doors are barricaded by a group of four mentally affected young men selling sweet bread, which nobody buys.

3 young misfits (educational dropouts) brave a fast moving stream of rejecting faces as they hand out tissue paper wrapped in plastic advertising.

High School and College expressions wrestle with firm resolution to free themselves from all shyness while singing and strumming on folk guitars.

A tottering old man standing in black sneakers on stained gray tiles gasps unintelligible somethings at young ladies passing by.

Outside, the Socialist Party Speaker mounts the roof of a mini van with microphone and treble-rich speakers blasting to catch a sympathetic ear among the beelike masses moving around the Station.

Sumo Wrestlers dressed in cotton robes walk on wooden sandals carving neat pathways through the chaotic crowds.

An unshaven priest face hides under a dirty straw hat in a corner and breaks off chanting a rough version of Buddhist text to strike up a cigarette.

At subway entrance number 2, slender girls in mini skirts teeter on high heels putting on the last brushes of makeup while waiting for their dates.

A middle-aged policeman trots out to help an old woman to her feet from a stumble on the street in front of the police box.

Buses arrive and doors fling open flooding more people out on to the sidewalk.

Inside the station, briefcases and suits begin to rush semi-frantically to the JR gates – it must be time to go home.


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