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February 14, 2008

The Ex-Patriots ABC by Sarah Winslow

Filed under: Issue: 2004,Poetry,Winslow — usbengoshi @ 6:22 pm

A is for Alien’. that’s what we are
B is for Beer that we drink in a Bar
C is for using Chopsticks to astonish Japanese friends
D is for neigbouring Dogs, their barking never ends
E is for English which most of us speak
F is for Friends when you Finally Freak
G is for Gaijin, a title to treasure
H is for Hotsprings, that special weekend pleasure
I is for Isolation, can often get you down
J is for Jazz clubs, a wide variety in town
K is for Katakana you find impossible to read
L is for Love (for a gaijin guy it’s guaranteed)
M is for Fuji, we all want to climb
N is for Natto, a food so sublime
O is for Okinawa, a weekend get-away
P is for Pachinko which some f us Play
Q is for Quiz Night, folks gather in teams
R is for Rice, fried, boiled or steamed
S is for Shopping which we all secretly enjoy
T is for Technology and all our bright new Toys
U is for University, where you’re Writing your Book
V is for Vegetables you don’t know how to cook
W is for Wasabi, crucial to Japanese cuisine
X is for living in a land of eXtremes
Y is for 100 Yen shops with all kinds of good stuff
Z is for Zazan when you’ve finally had enough

if I’ve missed your personal pet thing, well, pardon me
you can try it yourself, the ex-patriot’s ABC
there are other possibilities, some public, some confidential
you could even try katakana (ah ee ooh eh oh)
it has tremendous potential’


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  1. Discovered your work via Kinki-net. A very fun piece and easy for even a long time resident like me to enjoy. (My daughter is 18, happened quite a while after I landed here, so I must be a very long-in-the-tooth gaijin). Hope you keep writing.

    Comment by Robert Seltman — April 18, 2008 @ 8:52 am | Reply

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