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February 14, 2008

The Kisses of Japanese Women by Mike Sloan

Filed under: Issue: 2004,Poetry,Sloan — usbengoshi @ 6:19 pm


A still moment before the rain,
she gathers herself, silently;
and you, you are already in the maelstrom.


Fierce is the first kiss of a Japanese woman,
it says: “I own you.”
and in fact, perhaps she does.

Not violent in any way,
merely establishing pride of place,
neither hungry nor beseeching
simply the clenching of a beautiful face.

Tender is the kiss of a Japanese woman
it says: “I’ll take care of you, as I own you.”
and in fact, and tact, she does.

No cooing on any given day,
merely soothing the tones of haste,
neither smothering nor beguiling,
simply scrimping as not to waste.


In such embrace
I had not felt ferocity.
Innately you knew,
as the Greeks knew,
there is beauty in hubris;

and love in power,
and you, woman,
opened Pandora’s Box,
Not by enticing it,
but by hugging;
a strength I could not know
and you, woman,
have it.


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