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May 19, 2008

Cypruss by Roy Hernandez

Filed under: Hernandez,Issue: 2008,Poetry — usbengoshi @ 12:29 pm

The wind of the whirl of time that changed Patterns,
The everlasting to the last gust of ravage.
Where once mighty ships sailed to port.
It was no more than a mere dream of merchants,
And the commerce that brought all harmony.
When the religious festives brought war and ravage.
Music danced with the Lute of Jubilation.
So long as there was celebration there was the salt of poetry,
That sang the weary nights away.
In the drunkeness of illussions and prophetic dreams,
And the unrest and unstability grew slaughtingly wars and rape.
The mixture of cultures and races that came to conquer and dominate.
Violence and vampire images railed and nailed its horns.
Where could freedom be found in the mist of Cypruss.
Swords slashed and cut bodies of chest and bones,
While maidens were seduced the lore and gave offspring of radicals.
Where could there be peace and government,
While religion gave no forbearance nor compassion to the poor.
All men had to surrender submission to the one and only unseen prophet vision God.
For they all bowed and prayed for the forgiveness of their past transgressions.
Where in due time they would all be judged in the pattern winds of Cypruss.


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