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August 6, 2008

Nov. 2007 Open Reading Minutes

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Nov. 2007 Open Reading

Nov. 2007 Open Reading

A sketch by Albert Sussler:  

It was a good turn out in spite of many members being at the Conference in Tokyo.  

The Red Rock is a good space for readings. A larger and better for handling a crowd. Location is easier to get to for non Nagoya members. Though not as intimate as the Misfits. I feel they will both work as future locations of Readings. The only down side is occasional noises from the out side parking lot.

Shoichi started the Reading with his poem ‘The Endless Stairway’ a dream that has often attacked me as well. He Read it first in Japanese and then in English.  

Ernie read his prose called ‘Pretending it was on Purpose.’ It was the longest piece he has read for the group, about a man looking back on why he stayed in Japan.  

Tom gave a story of the ‘Curse of the Fox Devil.’ about a man killing a fox that ruined his daikon and dying a week later. Be warned not to mess with Albino fox.  

Bert (myself) gave a bunch of Maine jokes, my favorite being, People in Maine don’t use blinkers because everyone in town already knows were they are going already. Then my poem ‘Dokudami’ and a short story called the ‘100 yen plate dinner.’  

Paul got moving with his ‘Blur Highway’ about a couple stranded on a road in Oregon. He did it as a radio commentator would speak of it over the waves. Parts were read by Shoichi and Temi. Why do people do stupid things.  

Joe wrapped up the reading from Act one of his play ‘Silent.’ The plot built on the reason a man goes silent on life. His girl friend is trying to unwrap the mystery of her mates sudden stop of verbal communication.  

Afterwards we talked of where the group will go from here. First the Bon-en-kai party. Conflicts of time for Tom would make Sat night better, but not sure of others who were not able to attend this reading. We should have it pinned down this week to have it Saturday or Sunday, Let us know which is best for you and to know how many are coming. I will attend either day. Sarah offered to organize it so will leave the final decision to her. Ernie made a good suggestion of changing the net connection for the Writers Group to a Blog. Both are needed I feel. They would serve two different purposes. With no word from George, the electronic edition of 2007 of the NWG has gone by the way side and needs to be reworked.

till Bon-en-kai 2007 to dream is to live



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