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August 7, 2008

June 2008 Open Reading

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Open reading at Red Rock

Open reading at Red Rock

Report of Nagoya Writers Read June 29th 2008

The Reading got to a slow start As our Readers gathered it got rolling.

— Readings — Joe Sichi – Read from a collection of his poems. ‘It is no harder finding things to celebrate, just harder to find the time to pop the cork ‘

Bert Sussler – Peddling (a sketch of boycotting petrol by dumping the car for a bike.) ‘ he thought I bought the helmet because I must be a bit soft in the head’.

Sarah Mulvey – Lunch time Harry Knebworth style. (a story of an ‘Ugly America’ University teacher) ‘ paperwork would be solved for the price of a coffee.’

Tom Bauerle – The Remodeling Crew. ( a story of a misfit construction work group ) ‘ dragging his left leg … He’s really there.

Ernest Schaal- Flight 003 ( a story of conflict of ideas during an air flight )

Leah Sullivan – Haiku ‘ a grain of sand, in an oyster shell a seven year itch’

Shoichi Miyamura Read several poems ‘When I was at my most beautiful’

I thought the best delivery went to Joe I would give him the June Writers Cup but I felt others were wanting to just listen, Which comes to the point of why we do the the readings. For me, it is to give my work an airing, see how others react. Also to hear others and listen how they develop ideas, character and dialog. They give me inspiration and challenge.

Evaluation I set up an evaluation system to check of Originality , Delivery and Emotional Impact. This is to give feed back to each member. It is hard to gage the reaction from the audience and I find these comments useful to give some direction on where to go next. It takes everyone to make it work.

The Red Rock A good location and a supportive group are vital. We have moved to the Red Rock but I am concerned that several ‘customers’ talked over our readings, making it hard to concentrate. One member commented ‘ This is not going to work’ I believe it can work with a few adjustments . A posting at ‘The Red Rock ‘ announcing to customers what we are doing. Then enforcing it. Make a section in the front to perform our works. Those members who arrive late will be fined 10 yen I know it is steep but for a good start, it is a small price to pay.

Without the right mood, Readings will fall flat.

September 28th will be the next reading at the Red Rock. There may be an informal ‘Reading’ in July but not set.

Your support is much appreciated. Without it, I will step back. enjoy these summer days of cicada screeching




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