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February 6, 2009

Nov. 2008 Open Reading

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Open Reading on Nov. 2008

Open Reading on Nov. 2008

November Reading featured four.


Albert, with another of his great jokes. ‘Republican Kittens’ followed by a poem titled the history of ABCD 3000 year, Phoenician idea.

Soichi, read the poem: Silent Married Couple. advice;’ skip the wedding and be a quiet couple.’ poverty and illness never left us alone.

Tom, Kanashibari accounts of people’s troubled sleep disturbed by ghost. 32 % of people have encountered these ghosts in Japan. He is collecting these tales for a future book.

Ernie, From his detective story, Paul Chan, ‘ How bad the United States treat their elderly.

We talked about each of our work, I find this feedback helpful in getting a feel how my work flows and is understood.

Of another concern: The End-of- Year Party will be help on Sat.Dec 20th at the Raffles at 7:00 pm 3000-3500 yen / person. If this is alright with everyone. We at the Reading all agreed to the change. So Sarah, that makes four of us with a yes.



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