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February 6, 2009

Oct. 2008 Open Reading

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Dear Nagoya Writes.

I was a drizzly day as we gathered at the Red Rock. A few veteran readers a few new faces made for a cosy Read.

We gathered around some back tables and began with Shoichi reading from Poems of Ritshko Kawabata, an antiwar poet. The first called ‘Incarnation’ … Palm trees, incarnation of soldiers killed… my husband died for nothing… Gentle palm. ( Okake Island, Micronesia, where her husband was senselessly killed during WWII)

Albert continued the them with this poem ‘Oh to be a Republican Leader.’ Republicans call their economic plan ‘trickle down.’ Like saying left overs from the rich man’s table is how to feed the servants.

Mandy read here sketch, ‘Empty Room’ the empty space hooked me and froze me. This story was inspired by her a glance from her bike.

Then Paul read from his story ‘Yes we have Olives’ Can you make a martini? It is not exactly a dirty martini, Where is the olive  What is an olive? A story of a couple’s visit to Vietnam after it opened to Americans. His prose was inspired by a trip to that country.

After each reader we opened the table for discussion and reactions to each readers work. I find this a good feedback to our work and would like to continue it as much as possible.

I asked all the participants to our Reading which they felt most likely existed. UFO,ESP, Ghosts or the perfect man / woman. ESP was the overwhelming winner. For myself, I guess I missed out on that gift. thanks Ariana (Argentina), Mandy (UK), Mick UK), Paul (USA), Shoichi (Japan), Takashi (Japan), for making a good read.

Sorry not to see Ayako, Brian, Ernie, Joe, Leah, Sarah, and Tom. I know your tight schedules these days but you got to keep the creative juices flowing.

I look forward to our next read on Nov. 16th at the Red Rock. Oh and how does a Christmas – End of Year Party on the 21st of December grab you? Let me know if you all can make it then. cheers!


ps a suggestion from our last read. DO send in a Read to our site, so others who could not join can keep up with the sparks growing from our Group. 


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