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June 9, 2009

Feb. 2009 Open Reading

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Dear Nagoya Writers

This February Reading was the best I have attended. There was a good mix of styles. Some of the poems were really funny.

This year our reading have been well attended and spicy. There were ten Readers in all and a good crowd or listeners.

Joe Sichi, lead of with a four poems.

  • If I were to give Death a Color.
  • 12 Minute Poem
  • Cure for Insomnia
  • Fuchsia – ” no smell, scent you will find …”

Chris Gladden with a handful of poems

  • Drenched
  • ” wasp coming fires”
  • Piano
  • Mr. McDogal
  • Sumsada
  • Today’s Catch – “Tonight you let me go again”

Albert Sussler read three of his new poems

  • Beauty of Aging
  • Defining Romance – “Romance needs turbulence.”
  • The Human Herd

Richard A dozen Haiku that had us all laughing,.

The Passion Series and other scenes of Japan.

The Passion of Hello Kitty

“There’s Hello Kitty

In all her purple glory

Housewife beating fur.”

Ariana A Poem

How Everything had Started. – “I tried to grasp it but I couldn’t … what makes him happy”

Paul Binford

Bar Fly, a very local story – ” not to worry about political correctness or the truth”

Gary Brought a good stretch of laughter to our Reading,

  • I got Past the Point of no Return, – ” I need to know there is someone else to blame”
  • Swinging from the Tree
  • Tax you a little bit more.
  • Boys with Issues

Kris continued on her story of last month

No title,but I call it He promised to kill me. -“no one loved me enough to kill me.”

Mic Manney read a short story called The Cartoon Life

Some of the Readings I got so in to, I couldn’t listen and write down quotes at the same time.

In the next Read give me a line that you would like me to write up. To be sure to get all the facts right.

After the Reading about half stayed on a talked about our works and on life. We wondered why suddenly so many Writers are coming forth to join our group this year.

Maybe it is the fear of the economy and people want to find inspiration and community without having to spend money. The Reading is a perfect fit for that.

cheers to you all, for a great evening to remember.



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