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June 10, 2009

May 2009 Open Reading

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At the Red Rock in a dark mood setting seven of us met for the reading. Brown outs brought a flicker of light. Joe mentioned those were planned but I suspect he was covering for the missing hamster hiding in the wiring.

Albert Sussler
A Joke -Russian Economic Professor’s exam.
Alumni asks ‘Aren’t these the same questions you asked when I was a student some thirty years ago?’
Professor, Yes they are, but the answers have all changed.


  • Living as a foreigner in Tokoname, a brief account as to how I got here.
  • Doubting,
  • Doubting leads to searching.
  • Searching leads to answers.
  • but answers are not constant.
  • Changes lead to doubt.
  • Ever expanding spirals of the mind.

Linda Donan
She’s Swimming with the dolphins: (Her short story about a family stranded on a deserted island.)
(mother) you killed your baby sister.
(Son) She’s not dead, she is swimming with the dolphins.

Takashi Wakui – read a collection of his poems he has been working on this year.

  • Mirror: no sound in a mirror
  • You Exist: your nose exists, your hands exist, so you exist
  • Regrets: registering in the brain, like a pain in the knee.
  • Park Your Money: park your money in the driveway, safer in an earthquake
  • Ten One Liners on God: Doubts are deeper believers because they suffer more.

Mayumi Lennane – read her poem to be made into a song.
Cinnabar Candle: cinnabar candle in the night light sees drinking wine

Richard Russell – Maggie and Kelly,His comical sketch of a brother and sister in a neighborhood in England.

  • (electric sparks ) giants frying eggs in the air.
  • If ( the doll ) is really undead, will find out won’t we.

Two new people joined. Ivy and Yuko who I look forward to hearing from in the future.


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