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July 8, 2009

June 2009 Open Reading

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On a hazy warm June afternoon, ten of us gathered at the Red Rock. Taking the middle table we gathered round for our literary exploration.

Leah Ann Sullivan:
two poems
Pantoum of a Photographer and a poet: The tea break, with mismatched cups and identical Saucers (Pantoum, a Malay verse form)
Watching Videos from Iran:. Pistol shots fired round after round, as an ocean of people pass on.

Mayumi Lennane,
a poem
bask in the sun… childhood friends … the sun loves you.

Tom Bauerle
four part prose, Airless Wonder
Brain’s tiny little sparks… neon lights … better than feeling nothing at all.

Joe Sichi
Three poems
Fuchsia: The names of the flowers we don’t know
Potato Face: See so many dull faces
Resting Mid Stream: Down stream, a willful turn

Shannon Coles ( debut )
a humorous sketch: A Bachelor Never Makes the Same Mistake Once.
I purchased my first ball and chain
Fear of loneliness stronger than fear of bondage.

Albert Sussler
a joke,two prose and a poem: Lion’s Pride (can’t tell just the punch line )
Turning Fifty: If one is not handsome by 20, strong by 30, rich by 40 or wise by 50 one will never be…
Bicycling with a Speedometer: Flirting with death shouldn’t be a daily activity
Neda: Authority replacing responsibility with repression cloaked in fear.

Paul Binford
a Mad Magazine humorous sketch: to keep the egg from breaking … I boiled it.

Soichi, Takashi, and Richard joined us as well as several others at the Red Rock. Ernie tried to make it to the reading but met a pole instead. I hope your recovery is progressing fine, so you will be able to join us in the next read. Thank you all for a good Reading. The more the merrier.

Notice: Our next Reading will be on Sunday July 12th, at the Red Rock 3:30 – 5:30 p m ( a little earlier than usual as to catch people before they head out for the summer. )

keep the words flowing.
pura vida



  1. Hi NagoyaWrites,

    I came across your URL in a community paper and wonder if I could attend your readings?
    It seems that I have missed the last one – but would love to be informed of your next event! Are gatherings always on Sundays?

    Would it be too much to have you mail me when you see this? Thanks! Apologies for placing personal information privacy above common etiquette – I’ll include my self introduction in my email!

    Sincere regards,

    Comment by Eddie — August 3, 2009 @ 2:49 pm | Reply

    • The next meeting is on August 20th, at the Red Rock

      Comment by usbengoshi — August 6, 2009 @ 8:14 pm | Reply

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