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November 4, 2009

August 2009 Open Reading

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Reading Review:
Six brave souls made it though the heat of summer’s last days to our Reading.

Mayumi Lennane
poem < Going Down a Lane >
Lonely white dog walking the town

Albert Sussler
Joke< God creating a balanced world >
And up here is Canada, the most beautiful place on earth.
prose < The Grand Tour >
I like, for some demented reason, hurling along at unbreakable, neck breaking speed.

Richard Russell
prose, < McMullan and the Bee >
McMullan whipped the sweat off of his brow with his hoof

Tom Bauerle
Read from Bukowski’s <The Shoe Lace >
It is not the large things that send a man to the mad house

Paul Binford
Read from Steven Dunn’s <If a Clown>
A clown without a context

Joe Sichi
Read from Bukowski’s <Dog >
He believes in the hand that feeds him.
< Kissing me Away>
Lack of durability in human affairs.

Up coming Events:
Our next Reading will be held on the last Sunday of September, the 27th
At the Red Rock..

I appreciate all the effort of our members in the fight for creativity. Fighting the crowds and pulls of life, to bring their ideas to our
Readings.It is the juices of our own creativity that gives life its flavors.

I rode my bicycle to the event from Tokoname. It took three+ hours of hot sun pedaling. I almost didn’t get by the distractions of Kato Cycle. Thanks Tom for shelter, before my return trip.



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