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November 4, 2009

October 2009 Open Reading

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Clouds and a charmed coolness held the day.
Our first Reading at the new venue, The Cafe Dufi,
Five of us gathered

Evan Mac Oisteagain ( Ireland )
Short story < Thirty-one Sounds >
( a woman’s reaction to her husband being sent of as a kamikaze pilot )
The wind fires a broadside to her face,

Albert Sussler ( USA )
poem < Jomon Woman >
bringing her closer to the spirit of life.
Notes and rhythm bring music from the noise of chaos.
poem < Tribal Nation > ( by Steven Hall )
( a description of gamblers at the Pequot Foxwood Casino.)
poker players in their peacock puffery, bag lady former lawyers disbarred for embezzling

Shoichi Miyamura ( Japan)
Poem-Essay < Wind in the Darkness > ( by Masao Iwase, translated by S.
Miyamura )
(an old man facing death goes to visit an elderly mother who killed her son)
After all these agonies, sorrows and aging,
In the whirling wind with that grinding sounds
I saw the mother.

Strangely our three reading were on the same theme of mothers facing death. I wish I could add more to the mood of these sketches of words and the
cafe. I was pleasantly surprised, though the place was full of customers, they all quieted down to listen to our Reading.

Thank you Leah and Paul for your support.

Up coming events:
the next Reading will be on November 29th
The week before is one of a teachers conference that many plan to attend.
Linda I am sorry, but take heart. Decembers Reading- Bon-en-kai will be on Dec. 13th

cheers and challenge for our next Open Reading!

Maori saying: ‘Art is the child of the imagination’


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