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December 14, 2009

November 2009 Summary

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The last Open Reading was impressive. At the new location of Cafe Dufi, over 20 people turned out. There were 11 Readers. The whole two hours was just enough to fill the prose and poems of the event.After the Reading there was lots of discussion and talk on work and life. I felt our group coming alive.


Tom Bauerle ( USA )
< Sketches of Dreams > The world had turned into a giant shopping mall.

Leah Ann Sullivan( USA )
Intro< Kuku> The long drawn out prelude was not to a kiss.
Intro < California > No way out but to disconnect or burn.
Intro < The Hanger > a drop of rain, muted not echoing in the cavernous hanger.

Evan Mac Oisteagain ( Ireland )
Poem < Lullaby >Three wives and three houses, I liked the one he liked the best, the best.
Poem < Fossils >a sop of milk and a bit of bread, and a tremendous fear of frogs.

Hiroko Suzuki ( Japan ) debut
Poem < Daughters >She suddenly changed from a princess with her prince to the usual self minded daughter.

Shannon Coles ( Australia )
Riddles < A Knotorious PIG >I can even eat them in the nude… Pizza

Ernie Schaal ( USA )
Story < The Funeral of an Ex-pat >The buildings were old and the classes were old, there was a sense of history.

Paul Binford ( USA )
Short Story < A Christmas Crime Story >It was the one hundred dollar bill that animated the family.

Shoichi Miyamura ( Japan )
Poem  <Tsubo ( A China Teapot )>Their is an infinite time for the pot to fall.
Poem <What We Are > A shadow in a shadow is a shadow, … what is the subject?

Albert Sussler ( USA )
short story < Baseball Fan > Since I was left handed, short and made of not much muscle, that’s the way I’d play.
poem < Time is Muddy >  It is just that, time and life consist of just too much muck to know what you are wading into.

Takashi Wakui ( Japan )
Poem < Mathematical Problem > The fate of human history is a math problem.

Joe Sichi ( USA )
Short Story < A Secret Beach > I didn’t design my life, life designed me.


What a turn out and great mix of works. Bravo to you all and thanks for the listeners. Chino, Miyuki, Megan. Maria, Osamu and others. And to the staff of Cafe Dufi for a memorable evening.


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