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January 21, 2011

January 2011 Open Reading Review

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Review of January’s Open Reading

Everything came together. Joe opened the whole Red Rock to us.
Drinks at the ready, a stage created. Spot lights and a mic. set up.
Nine readers gathered to begin another year of the Nagoya Writes.

Tom Bauerle ( USA )
Prose < The Taste of Tiger >
Snap of bone and tear of flesh was intended for how we die.

Ernie Schaal ( USA )
Prose < The Confession >
The main character was someone else, not my father.

William Matheny ( USA )
Essay < Unavoidable History >
Echos of the black-ships can still be heard.

Joe Sichi ( USA )
Prose < The First Fight >
Your art has soul but you don’t.

Albert Sussler ( USA )
Prose < The Lawyer >
His impeccable Armani , was the armor of his noble world,

Linda Donan ( USA )
Prose < Clarence and the Bus >
I wish she could help me hate my name.

Shannon Coles ( Australia )
Poem < Patriotism before Profits >
Wall Street, on corner of Greed and Cock Sucker Avenue

Paul Binford ( USA )
Review < Lord Raglan >
Illiterates live in a real presence.

Shoichi Miyamura ( Japan )
poem < Signals >
It’s the reality I’ve been made to drink these days.

The themes turned on where we have been and where we are going.
I felt this was the best reading I have organized yet. A big hand for
you all.
All original work that took much digging and weeding to bring to fruit.
The Next Open Readings will be on February 20th.
The location will be at The Red Rock.
doors open at 3:00. The Readings will run from 3:30- 5:30 p.m.
to get to the Red Rock

It is on the second floor of the building with an Australia flag.
down the first narrow street just to the south side of the Chunichi
in Sakae, Nagoya
tel 052-262-7893

Keep the creativity coming.
See you on the 20th of February



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