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April 3, 2011

March 2011 Open Reading Review

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Just two days after the great earthquake and tsunami hit the Japanese Pacific Coast
we gathered at the Red Rock. It was a big turnout of 11 Readers.


Paul Binford ( USA )
Prose < The Wayward Do-gooder >
If the arm falls off your dead.

Vash Bandy ( USA ) debut
Prose < Lightning Sticks >
Greg was the base so he got all the girls.
Prose < Dakota >
You have lost Dakota but you can smell her.

Yoichi Miura ( Japan ) debut
Introduction <Classical Japanese music and beautiful English>

Albert Sussler ( USA )
Prose < Sucking Thumbs >
Why even my father sucks his thumb and he is 35
Prose < Small Voices >
The cry echoed off the concrete walls.
Prose / haiku < Peace Park in Joetsu >
pleasant green haven, floating musicians above, where once cruelty

Joe Sichi ( USA )
Poem < Notes of Aging >
freedom is another word for …
Prose < Shou-yu and Vinegar
a half teaspoon of less perfection
Prose < Open Petition to the United Nations>
I would sit rejoicing.

Shoichi Miyamura ( Japan )
Poem < In the Bush >
in pursuit of the tail which seems to be the cause of every existing thing
Poem < Ptolemaic Theory >
The star never seems to move nevertheless it is moving, in the same manner I am aging
Poem < Starry Sky >
Wishing I could be such a light

Tom Bauerle ( USA )
Poem < Evil Faleena ( Damn my DNA) >
Damn DNA , Darwin and evolution for making me stupid, and human and male.

Linda Donan ( USA )
Prose < Clarence and the Bus , 3rd Chapter, Gama Chappy>
God .. he loves them all … yes be happy.

Gerry Firth ( UK ) debut … after many years
Poems < Not Quite Yet >
the nail in the coffin, I finally got it out.
< My Great American Friend >
Next tweet he is goin to eat less.
< Bad Tidbit >
My wife said I should be sitting with tea and the devil
and many more…

Ernie Schaal ( USA )
Prose < The Body >
You have to see her so you can say goodbye to her.

Shannon Coles ( Australia )
Prose < Book Bordello, Celebrating Worship >
a bachelor never makes the same mistake once.

Albert Sussler.


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