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February 19, 2012

January Review

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Nagoya Writes Open Reading Review
January, 2012

Finally a break in the weather and a good turn out.
There was more in the audience than Readers this time.
The Open Reading was the second of a three part afternoon.
First the Writers Critique, and after the New Year Party at the
pizza restaurant.

Open Reading:

Tom Baurele ( USA )
prose ~ Love in the time of Apocalypse ~
One more replay of “Baby” and if the cosmos does not self destruct,
then there is no God. I leave the grand decision up to your wise counsel.

Shoichi Miyamura ( Japan )
poem ~ Plum Wine ~ by Kotaro Takamura
The night wind has stopped.

Albert Sussler ( USA )
prose ~ Collecting Bells ~
It sound, a dull thunk, that reacts to the bumps I pass over.
joke ~ Skunks In and Out~
When In was out, Out was in.
~ Sleeping Scotsman ~
I don’t know where you have been but what ever you did you got first prize.

Tim Chambers ( USA )
prose ~ The Wild Party ~
Your on a mission to save my life and you need all these bags to have
something for dinner to wear.

Brett Hack ( USA ) debut
prose ~ Grocery Store Romanie Amalgamation
His sweat secreted like a toad.

Vash Bandy ( USA )
prose ~Girl and Mr Tanaka ~
Girl has good skin, somewhere between Halle Berry and Beyonce but bad hair.


Coming up:
The Next Open Readings will start at 4:30 P.M.
The Writer’s Critique will be start at 2:00
Both are on February 26th. at Mondo Books in Kamimaizu

If you have original work you would like critiqued at the next workshop, contact Vash.


Site: Mondo Books is a used bookstore and lounge, on the second story
building next to the Bank of Nagoya just two blocks east from Kamimaizu station,


Thanks always Hitomi, Jose, and Mike of Mondo Books.
Due to the financial difficulties a 500 yen cover charge is needed
to help keep Mondo Books alive. This is a great location
for our literary efforts and I encourage everyone in the International Community
to support their establishment.

Thanks, for the good turn out and potent reads.
Thanks for al your suggestions on building a structure for the NW. I am working

Help to spread the word.
Albert Sussler.

quote: words lead to thought lead to life


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