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April 8, 2012

March Review

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Nagoya Writes Open Reading Review:

March 2012

Spring has been shy this year. The day of our open reading was not
the image I have of spring. It was cold. The Critic (4) and Reading turn
out (5) was a bit low for this month. Less than half of last year’s.

The  Critic

The Critic organized by Tim Chambers.
We took a good look at three works, Tim’s work’ Karma’,
Albert’s work ‘Freedom’ and Ernie’s work ‘Good Bye’
Character consistency in dialog was the focal point.

The Open Reading:

Ernie Schaal ( USA )
Prose ~ Goodbye
I found myself holding the urn tighter and tighter, as if
seeking warmth from the ashes.

Brett Hack ( USA )
Prose ~ Grocery Store Romance Amalgamaton
It is as if the eyes are sapping energy from the rest of him
to keep themselves running.

Tim Chambers ( USA )
prose  ~ Karma
Watching his old portfolio charts crash as quick as lightning
bolts was punishment enough, but everything that happened since
seemed like penance and retribution piled on top of comeuppance.

Paul Binford ( USA )
essay ~ The Big T ~ by Mike Foley
What is a tangent, a side trip like with any side trip, a writer
can get lost.

Albert Sussler ( USA )
Prose ~ Freedom (2 )
There as no season for penguins in Tokyo.
Essay ~ Micro-Aggression
Your only qualification is that you are a ‘gaijin’.


Coming up:

April  15th
Open Readings will start at 4:00 P.M.
The Writer’s Critique will be start at 2:00
At held at Mondo Books in Kamimaizu

If you have original work you would like critiqued at the next workshop, contact Vash at :

Site: Mondo Books is a used bookstore and lounge, on the second story
building next to the Bank of Nagoya just two blocks east from Kamimaizu station,

Thanks  Hitomi, Jose, and Mike of Mondo Books for all your help.

I have received mails of people wishing to be taken off our mailing list.
I am sad to hear you will not be with us but wish you the best in your
life’s journey.

Our literary group is a struggle in survival. I am amazed it has lasted over 20 years.
We depend not in applause but in active writing.  Sweat, create and do share. That
is the only way the Nagoya Writes survives.

Help to spread the word.
Albert Sussler.

quote: A student states, ‘I tend to paint what I see.’
Whistler replies, ‘Ah! The shock will come when you see what you paint!’
(James Whistler)


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