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September 30, 2012

September Review

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September 2012

Our fall season started with a workshop organized by Vash
to discuss the works of David, Tim and Albert.  Working on focus,
character development and transitions.

The Open Reading:

David Toohey ( USA ) debute
poem  ~ The Global Fall ~
Cold connected to coldness, Icy hands embrace.
poem  ~ August Heat ~
Consume Americaness, It’s your last chance before setting sail
poem  ~ Honolulu ~
In a city that never a sleeps yet rarely awakes
poem  ~ The Killing Winds ~
Office workers walk in shadows

Brett Hack ( USA )
prose  ~ Grocery Store Romance Amalgamation ~
He ducks under every once in a while to undo the crud-caking
of his hair by the pond scum and the sun.

Vash Bandy ( USA )
prose  ~ Dr. Hammond ~
The finality of death became both terrifying and exhilarating.

Albert Sussler ( USA )
poem  ~ Morning Paddle ~
yes the kayak is safer on the beach but it is made to explore
the fingers of the sea.
prose  ~ Soaked ~
The darkness came on with headlights shinning into my eyes.
prose  ~ Ojisan kirai ~
Someday you too will be an oji-san.
prose  ~ Blueberries ~
Are you going to arrest us for smuggling Canadian blueberries?

Shoichi Miyamura ( Japan )
poem  ~ Kotaro Takamura: The Journey ~
No path in front me, only from behind.
poem  ~ Shuntaro Tanigawa ~
Carefully, refuse the hidden evil.
poem  ~ Chuya Nakahara ~
I couldn’t get myself to throw it away.
poem  ~ Rin Ishigaki : Three Fish ~
If there’s anything more right than this
Said the fish
Name it.
poem  ~ Ritsuko Kawabata : Sisters ~
Now I’m going to the graveyard again with my little sister
Her ashes against my breast.

Ernie Schaal ( USA )
prose  ~ Daibutsu ~
Studying the statue, I found it beautiful and serene.


Coming up:

October 14,
Open Readings will start at 4:00 P.M.
The Writer’s Critique will be start at 2:00
Both events are held at “Cafe Concrete” in Kamimaizu



Note our venue for next month will change, due to Mondo’s tight
schedule.  The entrance to Cafe Concrete is narrow, just east of
Akamon-higashi signal.
Kamimaizu Station Exit 1,  just cross the street, heading north for Sakae.
tel 052-262-5539

Look forward to hearing your creativity at the next Open Reading.

Help to spread the word.
Albert Sussler

quote: ~Leaving tiny footprints in the sand, Plovers come to gather round~
Kotaro Takamura


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