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June 23, 2013

May Review

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May 2013

It was a dark raining day. Calls from various people canceling their
plans to come had me wondering if the Readings would go well. Then
positive messages started coming, shinning a positive light. It turned out
to be a good turn out. Thanks for your thoughts and contributions.


Rachel Deitch (USA) debut
movie script ~ Luke looks down at his blood-soaked hands
as the rain too makes them clean.

Albert Sussler ( USA )
essay ~Behavioral Interpreters: Insight ~
Over analyzing a situation, one may come to a complete miss in
understanding of another’s purpose.
prose ~ Short Cut ~
Could it be that bravery is just a matter of removing yourself from
the the situation and imagining it just wasn’t happening to you.

David Tooley ( USA )
poem ~ Telephone Lines ~
Telephone lines marching up the broken ridge.
poem ~ The City at Night
Broken strokes somewhere on the wall outside of
the picture frame.

Kayo Kazumi ( Japan ) debut
poem ~ Absolute Colors: a translation of Fukumi Shimura ~
The colors asked me to create them.

Shoichi Miyamura ( Japan )
poem ~ Kaiseki, Caressing that warm stone~
Tonight, I shall fall asleep again, embracing that lovely
warm stone.

Brett Hack ( USA )
prose ~ Grocery Store Romance Acclamation ~
The sea is the junction between two massive pieces of
material so different that they might as well be different realities.

The screen writing workshop led by Rachel, a graduate of writing from
Washington University MO. has much potential but needs interest to grow.
She had good advice to offer about mixing setting, dialog and camera focus.
Turn out was low. If we are to continue this topic we will need a show of more interest.

June open reading :
June 16th:
Open Reading: 3:30 P.M.

At Mondo Books in Kamimaizu
Site: a used bookstore and lounge, on the second story
building next to the Bank of Nagoya just two blocks east from Kamimaizu
station gate 3,

Thanks Jose for your hospitality and advice. Thanks again to
the Nagoya Calendar for promoting our group.

Alert: Jose announced to us that Mondo Books will be closing this
fall. Perhaps September will be our Open Reading gathering there.
It is sad to hear of Mondo’s demise. It is a valuable part of the international community
here in Nagoya and will be greatly missed.
A fall out of this, is the need for Nagoya Writes to find a new home for
our literary pursuits. If anyone has an alternative location please let us know.

Albert Sussler

quote: “If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.” ~Mother Teresa


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