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September 21, 2014

August Review

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August 2014 Open Reading Review

This year the Nagoya writes is really percolating. New and veteran readers, each with their own  style
bringing new sparks to the Nagoya Write’s readings.  This month we had ten readers.

Iain Maloney ( Scotland )
~ First Time Solo ~ ( a novel just out in print )
We were pulling out of Edinburgh when Joe burst in, an explosion of swearing, I hoped would keep going into the next carriage.

Tammy Stone ( Canada )
~ Goro-goro ~
He never let me touch him outside of the house.
~ Scarlet Medusa ~
As we revert how much do we remember of our past selves.

Alex McLaren ( UK )
~ A review of the The Circle ~  by Dave Eggers
Facebook is an artificial self esteem generator.

Leah Sullivan ( USA )
~ Field Notes of an ESL Teacher ~
Sensei, do my frog legs go with my frog arms?

Yu Kawamura( Japan ) -Debut-
~ My Color ~
It was the listening part and interview exam that made me suffer.

Shoichi Miyamura ( Japan )
~ Dream ~
All the people around him will be sad because he will pass away.
~ A Scene ~
Now imagine it had not been a tree but a man who had fallen.
~ The Mole Whacking ( Mogura Tataki ) ~
Though I wanted to say whacking moles is not my job …
~ Hide and Seek ~ by Tadashi Amano
Before I counted to one hundred, they had all disappeared.

William Matheny ( USA )
~ Service ~
For a moment I served a child, was a servant to a child… is that what parenthood is?
~ A Child’s Love –
Born of fear… overcome by trust
~ The Voice I hear ~
If you don’t connect with what you just finished you have a mess. I guarantee you.

Stephen Dunn ( UK )
~ Levels ~
The night was hers and she of the night.

Brett Hack – USA ( USA )
~ Grocery Store Romance Amalgamation ~
She told me I was suspended and I had to go home.

Albert Sussler ( USA )
~ What it Takes to Show Art ~
This rant was juicy, exposing the man as a good for nothing drifter with not a care in the world.
~ Take it or Leave it by Wali Hawes ~ ( a tribute to a member who will no longer be with us. )
Our creations are expressions of our concerns and beliefs, our fears, or our deepest hopes.
They represent a personal journey through life that uses a universal language… Art.


Review’s quotes:
What a joy it was to have your voices share your work.

Coming up:
September 28th: Sunday
Open Reading: from 3:00 ~ 5:00P.M.
At the Kameshima Community Center.

Map to the venue: Click here.

Help to spread the word.

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