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March 15, 2015

February Review

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February 2015 Open Reading Review

This month, three new voices added to our writes. Gratifying to have such a good location
as our warm setting at Space Sakura. The mix of styles and background and good discussion
on the works presented made for a memorable evening. Ms Takahashi thank you for giving us
such a good place to share our ideas.


Yu Kawamura ( Japan )

~ “Role of the Self Defense Force of Japan” ~
80% of Japanese think it is good too have the SDF.

Isabelle Dunnett ( UK )

~ “Rivers” ~
Maybe they couldn’t fix each other but if they could give each other space, they would fix themselves.

Keiko Watanabe ( Japan )

~ “Where does Courage come from?” ~
He told his boy, to unlearn the code of honor.

Fumiko Kodama ( Japan ) -debut-

~ “Recent Crime” ~
Lonely children will be stressed out to live in competitive society without relying on anyone.

Alex McLaren ( UK )

~ “Rip Off (start with a famous line then build an original story)” ~ by Allen Steele
Revenge is such a harsh word, I prefer to think of it as aggressive fishing.

Tokie Takahashi ( Japan )

~ “Fatalist” ~
If I die here, whom will I see?

Albert Sussler – USA

~ “The taste of wine” ~
I have not heard you say I love you in 50 years.

~ “Party at Sanriku” ~
Even the word tsunami here in Sanriku has so much power, that when uttered can still pull tears.

Kaoru Suzuki ( Japan ) -debut-

English allows us to have a lot of the most.

Yasuko Hatano ( Japan ) -debut-

~ “Ideal Profession” ~
Stories can be a living experience.


Coming up:

March 15th: Sunday
Open Reading: from 3:00 ~ 5:00P.M.
At Space Sakura in Shin-Sakae

Map to the venue: Click here.
(It is on the northeastern the corner of the block facing a bigger street,
next to “Haruru” Cafe.)


Help to spread the word.




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