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June 4, 2015

April Review

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April 2015 Open Reading Review

It was a good turn out with a good mix of different styles. Each voice adds to the mood
with fresh strokes of their original color to our Open Reading.


Stephen Dunn ( UK )

~ “Only when you are looking back” ~
I wondered if he had a wife who asked him weird questions like my wife did.

Yasuko Hatano ( Japan )

~ “Look to this day” ~
People are stressed by this over developed society.

Albert Sussler ( USA )

~ “The Karaoka machine” ~
I Having the score, takes the naive pleasure os singing out of tune.

~ “Chap-chap” ~
Before investing, look under the hood.

~ “Getting Baaya” ~
Emi soon learned that her complaining Ji-iya would lead to Baaya’s party cakes.

~ “The Cake Seller” ~
She had no idea till that moment, how valuable rice could be.

Tokie Takahashi ( Japan )

~ “Japanese Ghost” ~
A living ghost has no vision, no worries, no regrets of the past.

Isabelle Dunnett ( UK )

~ “Charcoal” ~
The fox ran a very unfortunate orphanage.

Yu Kawamura ( Japan )

~ “The Third Sector” ~
Some people have a negative image of bankruptcy.

Fumiko Kodama ( Japan )

~ “My Love for Kyoto” ~
They get admission fees by the level of blooming.

Shoichi Miyamura ( Japan )

~ “Adokenai Hanashi ( An Innocent Story )” by Kohtaro Takamura
Above Mount Atatara is the true sky.

~ “Shizukana Fufu ( A Quiet Married Couple )” by Tadashi Amano
Skipping the marriage, I wanted to be part of a married couple.

Hidemi Ohba ( Japan )

~ “Refusing Criticism” ~
Conflicts can actually be healthy.


Coming up:

June 21st: Sunday
Open Reading: from 3:00 ~ 5:00P.M.
At Space Sakura in Shin-Sakae

Map to the venue: Click here.
(It is on the northeastern corner of the block facing a bigger street,
next to “Haruru” Cafe.)


Help to spread the word.




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