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October 10, 2015

September Review

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September 2015 Open Reading Review

Our literary gathering circle is thriving.  The warmth of sharing creativity.


Tammy Stone ( Canada )

~ “Formation: Five Rupee Poems” ~
Why not reach for the sounds the body knows; how to laugh and cry with?

Yoko Kanai ( Japan )

~ “4200 Kilos” ~
If people remain themselves…they will be in nature and feel everything.

Fumiko Kodama ( Japan )

~ “Three choices related to one’s destiny.” ~
You can’t run away from the room but must stay all your life.

Yasuko Hatano ( Japan )

~ “When I was most beautiful” by Noriko Ibaragi ~
When I was most beautiful, I was the most unhappy.

Yu Kawamura ( Japan )

~ “Experience” ~
The more failure people have the better the task is.

Hiroko Kajita ( Japan )

~ “Canned Lion” ~
I became an evening mist, Reo thought in a haze.

Hidemi Ohba ( Japan )

~ “Free Flow” ~
I became abnormally interested in snake bites.

Albert Sussler ( USA )

~ “Yommoji Jukugo ( Four Kanji Poem” ~
Antelope created cheetah speed

~ “Cycle from Himeji” ~
Two things will happen in travel;
you will meet new people,
you will mess up then see how long it takes to recover.

Isabelle Dunnett ( UK )

~ “Introduction” ~
Action driven, don’t tell it, show it.

~ “Darwin’s Dragon” ~
He played in the shadows because the shadows were safe.

Shoichi Miyamura ( Japan )

~ “Me” ~
Coming to the same walls again and again

~ “Smoking Lessons” by Yoko Isaka ~
Women have clung to their lovers, saying “Don’t throw me away” —

~ “Island” by Rin Ishigaki ~
it’s impossible to really know this island
impossible too,
to stay here.

~ “Three Fish” by Rin Ishigaki ~
If there’s anything / more right than this /
said the fish, / rising to the water’s surface //
name it.


Coming up:

October 25th: Sunday
Open Reading: from 3:00 ~ 5:00P.M.
At Space Sakura in Shin-Sakae

Map to the venue: Click here.
(It is on the northeastern corner of the block facing a bigger street,
next to “Haruru” Cafe.)


Help to spread the word.




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