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November 8, 2015

October Review

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October 2015 Open Reading Review

With themes of love and death, disappoints and success
our gatherings bring life to our writings.


Tammy Stone ( Canada )

~ “Amma Ashram” ~
I decided I just have to surrender to her desires because I have no clue what she wants.

~ “Four Wives” ~
The true self is the only thing that remains when all is gone.

Shoichi Miyamura ( Japan )

~ “Toothpick” ~
The more I sharpened / The smaller and more pointed it became

~ “Pencil Sharpner” ~
Abandoned scrapped words in a trash can / Are waving with a gentle breeze

~ “Collapse ~
The word that slipped from a soaring mountain
Is looking up the hight it cannot climb by stself

~ “Traffic Accident” ~
That was at the intersection of figure of speech

~ “Mountain Climbing” ~
Each time I breathed in and out / I told myself / That I was getting closer to the height

~ “Snow Flake” ~
With the word that I’d like to have tasted
Being stuck at the tip of my tongue
I could do nothing but standing there silently

Isabelle Dunnett ( UK )

~ “Ban Magic” ~
It was the most dangerous place to be but the only place where he could learn to survive.

Tokie Takahashi ( Japan )

~ “The End” ~
Which is easier starting things or ending things?

Hiroko Kajita ( Japan )

~ “Tattoo” ~
If he ( Trudeau ) wanted to enjoy a hot spring, what would happen?

Albert Sussler ( USA )

~ “The Golden Arm” ~
I saw my husband’s face, his closed eyes seemed to look at me, daring me but I was past caring.

Fumiko Kodama ( Japan )

~ “Relics Returned” ~
People told how their lives have been effected by bad luck ( after taking relics from Pompeii ).

Yu Kawamura ( Japan )

~ “Nobel Prize” ~
Our research wouldn’t come true if it weren’t for team work.


Coming up:

November 15th: Sunday
Open Reading: from 3:00 ~ 5:00P.M.
At Space Sakura in Shin-Sakae

Map to the venue: Click here.
(It is on the northeastern corner of the block facing a bigger street,
next to “Haruru” Cafe.)


Help to spread the word.




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