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December 23, 2016

December Review

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December 2016 Open Reading Review

December, saying goodbye to 2016, there was a good turnout.
Always warmth in sharing creativity, inspirations and feedback.
I am thankful for all the efforts of our members.  Each person makes special every reading.
Keep the creativity simmering.  We will need it for the months ahead.  2017 will be a challenge.


Bertram Mullin ( USA )

~ “Innocent” ~
There is something peculiar about the ghost in the corner.

~ “Ohio” ~
You may rise sir.

Masako Izumi ( Japan )

~ “River” ~
The dealing between love and hatred makes the current upside-down.

~ “This was a Poet” ~  by Emily Dickinson
Entitles Us — by Contrast —
To ceaseless Poverty —

~ “The Poets light but Lamps” ~  by Emily Dickinson
The Wicks they stimulate

Hidemi Ohba ( Japan )

~ “Psychological Assessment” ~
She has given me the after hours numbers in case I feel anxious or suicidal.

Albert Sussler ( USA )

~ “Japan Difference” ~
Wanting to pay the bill, protest three times.

~ “Being Santa” ~  by Charity Hutchinson
I had to remind him that NO ONE could ever know what he did, or he wouldn’t be a Santa.

~ “Yojijukugo ( 4 words )” ~
Know the wind’s direction.

Iain Maloney ( Scotland )

~ “The Waves Burn Bright” ~
Panic on the horizon like a fiery dawn.

S. Elliot ( USA )

~ “Contours” ~
Finding himself transported out of the train and into the darkness peppered with distant stars.

~ “Faces” ~
Kelly sent the next hour wondering if there wasn’t really something else behind that face.

Shoichi Miyamura ( Japan )

~ “A Beggar” ~  by Shiro Murano
It is his existence that moves along with a soul like an infant with no relatives to turn to.

~ “A Railway” ~
Somebody’s terminal must have been a railway instead of a station.


Coming up:

January 29th: Sunday
Open Reading: from 3:00 ~ 5:00P.M.

Location: Space Sakura, near Shinsakae station.

Map to the venue: Please click here.

(It is on the northeastern corner of the block facing a bigger street, next to “Haruru” Cafe.)


Help to spread the word.




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